Tapas Cafe

In the last 10 years Tapas places have become very popular in Europe and around the world. I have been lucky enough to spend some time in Spain and to enjoy tis tapas culture first hand. Spanish tapas places and Vinotecas are fantastic. Great food, great wine and a unique atmosphere.

I didn’t expect to find such a place in Bangkok. I went to the ‘Tapas Cafe’ for the first time with a bunch of friends and I was vaguely worried about the food this place had to offer. I wasn’t expecting much but I was quickly blown away! I was transported to Madrid. It is one of the best surprises I had in Thailand. Form that moment on I became a regular customer.
The famous and delicious Patatas Bravas
I particularly enjoy the ‘Patatas Bravas’ (90THB!!!), the ‘Tortilla de Patatas’ and the ‘Calamares Fritos’. The gazpacho is excellent as well. For meet lovers I recommend the ‘Pollo al Ajillo’ and the different sorts of Spanish ham they propose, ‘Jamon Serrano’ etc. Last time I tasted the ‘Goat cheese salad’ and ‘the Artichoke salad’ and I wasn’t disappointed. Deserts are good as well but they aren’t the main attraction. Of course no Tapas restaurant would deserve much credit without a decent ‘Sangria’. Don’t worry the Tapas Cafe’s sangria is good, it’s even getting better I would say. The staff is professional, friendly and well trained. The atmosphere is…energetic and if you are lucky there might be a live band playing Spanish music. The kitchen is open until midnight (!!) so there is no rush unless you want to take advantage of the happy hour, before 7PM. Finally if you are in the mood to read there are English, Spanish, French…newspapers available.
Calamares Fritos
I definitely recommend this place, I am pretty sure that you won’t be disappointed. It is located in Sukhumvit Soi 11 and enjoys a good reputation and success. That is why the owner has decided to open a second restaurant in Silom Soi 4 in front of the famous club…”Tapas’! Now there might be a little name war and ‘Tapas Cafe’ might need to change it’s name. We’ll see, anyway as long as the food stays that good I don’t care about the name of the place…they’ll sure be able to count on me.

Food worth the trip:
– Calamares fritos
– Patatas bravas
– Gaspacho
– Garlic chicken
– Spanish ham plates
– Sangria

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Hotel Breakfast

Do you guys like to enjoy a good breakfast in one of the city’s numerous hotels ?
I think they offer a very good value for money and if you try one every week it will keep you busy for most of the year to come πŸ™‚

In June the Big Chilli Magazine published a list of hotels serving good breakfast along with the prices. Very interesting stuff unfortunately there was no rating or comments about the quality of the food served. To have a raw price doesn’t really help.

I didn’t try many of them at the moment but maybe you have. What is your favorite hotel for breakfast and why?

Russian Food


Bangkok has a great variety of food however as far as eastern europe cuisine or russian cuisine is concerned it seems to be a desert. This seems to be the case in most cities.
The russian cuisine is great and has a lot to offer so I always wondered why it wasn;t more popular.
Maybe the people from Russia or Eastern Europe don’t like to travel that much or are more into other businesses, I don’t know but I don’t like it πŸ™‚

If you know of a Russian restaurant in town please let me know and I’ll quickly check it out.

Le Beaulieu

Le Beaulieu
Le Beaulieu is a french restaurant located Soi 19 inside the ‘Grand Mercure Hotel” previously Sofitel.
I am lucky enough to work nearby so when money allows it I like to enjoy lunch there.

I am not going to waste your time, playing with words or trying to bring in some suspense, no I’d rather be blunt: I love this place, Le Beaulieu is a real killer. It is one of if not my favorite place in Bangkok!!

The chef, Herve Frerard knows what he is doing and his cuisine is exquisite. Every time I go there it feels a little bit like home, like France. Last week I took a “Floating Island” (Ile flottante) for desert. It is a famous desert in France, kids love it and I have fond memories linked to this recipe. I didn’t know what to expect…well it was the best I ever had as far as I can recall. I was amazed. This is just an example among many good surprises I had at Chef Frerard’s establishment.
I have never been there in the evening. I can only talk about the lunch sets they offer. Two sets available, 495 TBH++ or 795 TBH++ and both including a starter, a main dish and a delicious desert with coffee or tea. You add some water or some wine, the taxes and you’ll have to spend at least 700 TBH. The quality is equivalent to a 1 or 2 star restaurant in France. The difference is that you wont find this type of food in France for the same price (not even 20 Euros). The value for money is definitely high. On top of that you get a nice atmosphere, a perfect service and a view on the kitchen, I always like to see what’s going on in there. If you haven’t been there yet well…what are you waiting for?:)

Vanilla Garden, Japanese Cafe

Vanilla Garden
Ekamai Soi 12 is a full of delights. The first one I’d like to present you is Vanilla Cafe.
A nice fresh and green garden welcomes you, flanked by 3 buildings. On your left a bookshop where you can find Thai, English and Japanese books along with a delicious selection of cook books.
On your right a Chinese restaurant that seems to specialize in Dim Sums. I haven’t tasted this one yet but I definitely will. The good taste of the owners and the peaceful atmosphere and of course the delicious Japanese food served in the 3rd building at the other side of the garden leaves no doubt concerning the quality of the food that must be found in the Chinese restaurant.

But let’s talk about what I know, the Japanese food and sweets proposed by Vanilla. First of all it isn’t really a restaurant but more like a cafe, a Japanese “Starbuck’s” where you can get Matcha Cappuccino or Macha Latte, Strawberry Daifuku (delicious) and the best Matcha ice cream I tasted so far in Bangkok. I love a good matcha ice cream but it is really difficult to find. This one is great, very creamy, a strong taste, sweet but not too much. When I am near Ekamai I always stop at Vanilla to take some Matcha ice cream at home. The quality of the Japanese desserts at Vanilla is astonishing and I am very grateful to be able to eat Japanese sweets of that quality in Bangkok.
You can also order salads, sushi etc. There are some very imaginative dishes and I was never disappointed. However the Matcha ice cream is so good that I find it difficult to order something else πŸ™‚

I strongly recommend this place. The garden and the library make it a great place to relax and to forget you are in the middle of Big Mango. The only thing that annoys me there are the mosquitoes. They are everywhere inside and it can sometimes ruin the experience. Oh and the staff is very friendly and helpful, however they won’t help you with dealing with the mosquitoes πŸ™‚

What others says about it:
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Coco Ichiban

Coco Ichibanya
We are in May and I am on my way to eat some Japanese food at Nippon Kai in Siam Paragon when I notice that there is some work going on. A new place is about to open. I am expecting something ordinary, a brand you already find in every shopping mall in Thailand. But I was wrong and I am very happy to be. The sign says that a Coco Ichiban restaurant will open before end of May!!! I never imagined I could enjoy the delicious curries of Coco Ichiban outside of Japan. This brand is really famous there and I can’t wait for the shop to open. Finally the D-Day and I am not disappointed. What I didn’t know back then was that there already existed one Coco Cury House in the Esplanade Rachada since August 2008! Damn.

Coco Ichiban has been created in Japan in 1978 and originats form Nagoya. There are moer then 1100 restaurants opened now and they start to spread out of JApan.They offer all types of Japanese curries; with meat, vegetables, mushrooms, fish etc. You can customize your curry by selecting the level of spiciness you like and the amount of rice you want. The curry is just as I remember it, a true taste of Japan. It brings back many good memories. If you like rice you won’t be disappointed by the one they are serving, it is one of the best “Japanese” rice you can get in my opinion. The place is open since 1 month and a half and is already a success.

Mushroom with Omelet Curry, my favoriteMushroom Cheese Curry Every time I go there no matter what the day or the time is the place is packed. People are queuing to get their curry. So be prepared to wait 10 to 20 minutes before to get a table. It is the only bad point I could detect so far. The prices are reasonable, the service is efficient, professional and the waitresses are usually very friendly.
I know that many Japanese places propose curries but you have to try this one, you won’t regret it. If you think you found a better place please let me know πŸ˜‰

Mousses et Meringues (The Original Recipes)

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Sunday, woke up late today. It’s the only day when I have a chance to linger in bed at will. All the weariness of a week of work seems to have faded away, my body and my mind are rested and a 100% alert. It is time to get serious: where and what am I going to eat?
It’s already noon but because I just got up it still feels like breakfast time. I am not in the mood for a restaurant or salty food but rather for a nice cafe where I could savour a cup of cappucino and devour some cake.

I often drive down Sukhumvit Soi 31 and I remember seeing what seems like to be exactly what I need. A charming Cafe, always crowded and with a French name: Mousses & Meringues. Quite intriguing at least enough to drag me down there.

Macadamia CakeIt’s a beautiful sunny day and the area where the Cafe is located is really quiet. It’s an ideal place to go as a familly.
The place is smaller then expected, bright and relaxing. I feel at ease and like taking my time. Although I know that good pastries are hard to get in Bangkok I have a good feeling and am willing to give this place a chance.

There is a huge choice of pastries and cakes but they look a bit like the usual cakes you find here. Beautiful to look at but inedible because so fat you have the impression to slurp down chunks of rancid butter. I am a bit worried now but it’s too late to turn back now.
Damn! Let’s go for the Macadamia Cake and the Peach Almond Pie with a cappucino and see how this will turn out.

Peach and Almond PieWell ladies and gentlemen, the deserts at Mousses & Meringues might look like the regular Thai cakes but they taste different, they taste good. The place is neat, located in a lovely area, the service is good, the price as well and you can get good coffee and good pastries. You can see why it is often full even if it isn’t in a busy sector. I had a great time there with my family and I would definitely recommend it.

I am not saying it is equivalent to the best deserts you could gormandize in France or Italy but you’re gonna have a hard time to find better in Bangkok.

What others say about the place:

Mousses & Meringues
Mousses & Meringues
245 Sukhumvit Soi 31
Bangkok, Thailand
02 662-1290